Sclerotherapy – Q & A (Part 4)

All you need to know about Sclerotherapy! Final Instalment!

Q: If my compression stockings get stained by blood, what should I do?

If your compression stocking gets stained, you can simply soak them in water or detergent then hand-wash and air dry them. Please do not place them into the washing machine and put them under direct sunlight.

Q: Is there anything that I need to pay attention to, when wearing the compression stockings?

Firstly, the compression stockings are of a different type and class from the usual ones, hence it may be difficult to apply for someone who’s wearing them the first time. As you are applying the compression stockings, do make sure that you are not pulling them by your nails because they can tear/run. Pull up the stocking bit by bit and do not let multiple layers rest on one part of the leg, because it will be harder to pull them up. Also, the compression will be concentrated on that certain portion of the leg, which can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable.

When applying the compression stockings, look out for heel portion of the stockings (They look exactly like socks.), and make sure that you secure the heel portion to your heel first before pulling the rest of the stockings up your leg.

Some patients are allergic to the silicon pieces at the top of the compression stockings. Those silicon pieces are there to ensure that the compression stockings don’t slip down when you’re walking or going on your daily activities. However, if you find rashes, swelling and redness at around that area, you are probably allergic to the silicon material. To ease the allergic reaction you could choose to fold down the top area of the compression stockings or try wearing the compression stockings inside out.

Q: I see this little bump a few days after the sclerotherapy injection session. It feels a little hard and uncomfortable. What’s going on?

This bump is probably a result of blood-trapping in the treated veins. For some reason the compression stockings didn’t manage to compress the treated vein well enough that blood managed to go into these dead veins and they become trapped inside because the vein is no longer functioning. Do not be alarmed, your body will eventually absorb the blood back into the body.

Alternatively, you can speed up this recovery process. You can come back to the Vein Clinic and let Dr. John Tan do a DRAINAGE session for you after 1 month. He will use a slightly bigger needle to draw out the trapped blood within your dead veins.

by Lorinda

March 31, 2012