Sclerotherapy – Q & A (Part 3)

All you need to know about Sclerotherapy! Part III!

Q: When can I take a bath?
You can take a shower after the sclerotherapy procedure, but do remember to put the compression stockings back on immediately after that. If you experience difficulty wearing the compression stockings, you may choose to take a bath before coming for the procedure, or you can wait till 48 hours later to take them off and shower.

Q: Can I go overseas after the sclerotherapy treatment?
Usually, Dr John Tan would advise patients to refrain from travelling in long haul flights for 1 week after the injection, because of the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).In any case in which you really need to travel long distance, Dr. John Tan could prescribe you an anti-coagulant medicine/ injection to reduce your chances of getting a DVT.However, if your treated veins are all fairly small, you could choose to wear the compression stockings when you are on the plane. If your flight is around 1-2 hours, then there’s no need to be concerned because the DVT risk is so small. If you are still unsure, you can discuss this further with Dr. John Tan.

Q: Can I go Sun tanning or massaging after the sclerotherapy treatment?
Refrain from going under sun to tan or massaging the treated areas for 1 week. After 1 week, you can resume your massaging/ sun tanning activities.

Q: Will the veins come back?
For the veins that Dr. John Tan has treated with injection sclerotherapy, they will not recur. However, new spider veins may be visible if you continue living a lifestyle that stresses your veins (e.g. standing or sitting for long time/ holding a profession that requires you to do so, taking long haul flights regularly or pregnancy.)

Q: Can I drink alcohol after the injection sclerotherapy?
Dr. John Tan would discourage alcohol consumption as a precautionary measure, though alcohol does not have direct effect to the sclerotherapy treatment. Dr. Tan would advise patients best to stay off alcohol on the procedure day.

To be Continued…
by Lorinda

March 17, 2012