Effective Treatment of Spider Veins

Varicose veins and other ugly leg veins are among the most common venous problems that people seek treatment for at the Vein Clinic. However, as a vein doctor, Dr. John Tan can provide help with a number of more unusual vein problems. If any of the following sound familiar and have become problematic, an appointment to assess your veins and to discuss treatment options is advisable.


While many people will find that the veins on the back of their hands are some of the most prominent they have, in some cases this can be especially troublesome, with these veins literally bulging. You are more likely to have developed these if your hands have been used considerably through your work, jobs around the home or a hobby over the years. Injection sclerotherapy can be used to effectively treat these bulging veins, but it is important to be aware that following treatment, the veins which have had the foam injected into them cannot be used for blood tests.


If you are someone who has spent a lot of time outdoors without using adequate sunscreen, this is a very likely reason why these unsightly facial veins have developed around the nose and cheeks. While they do not cause any harm, you may feel self-conscious of your appearance in which case, treatment is available. An adapted form of injection sclerotherapy, known as micro-sclerotherapy, is used alongside a procedure known as Veinwave, which utilizes high frequency waves to generate heat, to aid the disappearance of these veins.


Hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to the development of enlarged breast veins, but rapid weight gain or breast enhancement can also be a factor behind these; spider veins may also develop on the chest. Although ugly veins across the breasts are harmless, many women with this problem seek treatment for cosmetic purposes; their removal boosts their confidence significantly. These veins can be removed using micro-sclerotherapy.


Some people are born with unusual clumps of veins, which are termed a hemangioma. These can occur deep within the body or near the skin’s surface, in which case they appear as groups of blue tinged lumps. The most common body sites for them to be found are the head, neck, back and chest. With time they may fade, but if this is not the case, their presence can lead people to feel more conscious about their appearance; in certain areas they may also interfere with body processes such as sight and breathing. In either case, injection sclerotherapy offers a straightforward and fairly painless option for their removal.

September 24, 2013

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