Your complete guide to post- EVLT/ EndoVenous Laser Treatment Care! Part III

Your complete guide to post- EVLT/ EndoVenous Laser Treatment Care! Part III

Cleaning of wounds

  • AFTER 48 HOURS, when your dressings are removed, you may shower/bathe.
  • DO wash your wounds with warm soapy water once a day and gently pat dry. You can leave them open to air.
  • DO NOT apply any lotions, ointments or creams to your needle wounds unless otherwise advised by Dr. John Tan.


  • DO NOT drive within the first 24 hours after your EVLT/ Endovenous laser treatment as the administered medications before the surgery may cause drowsiness and impair reflexes. Avoid driving if you are required to take the prescribed narcotic pain medication at home.


  • You may return to work as soon as 1-3 days after your EVLT/ Endovenous laser treatment procedure, depending on how you feel. Usually, most patients only require a day off from work, however, you can request for up to 3 weeks of medical leave if you desire.


  • You can lay flat/ on your stomach/ on your side, just make sure that your legs are straightened out and elevated whenever possible.


  • DO resume your usual medications immediately
  • DO take an anti-inflammatory medicine if you feel significant pain
  • DO NOT use a heating pad, an electric blanket on high power, or soak in a hot tub or steaming hot bath for 2 WEEKS unless otherwise advised, as the heat from these products or activities can dilate the vein and re-open it.
  • You may apply ice pack to your groin and inner thigh area or calf area on top of your stockings/bandage for the first 24 hours (15 – 20 minutes on: 2 hours off)


  • If you notice some bleeding from your incision, do not be alarmed as bleeding is likely to occur on the day of your procedure, especially after you have done your walking.

by Lorinda

February 22, 2012