Your complete guide to post- EVLT/ EndoVenous Laser Treatment Care! Part II

Your complete guide to post- EVLT/ EndoVenous Laser Treatment Care! Part II

Now, for the Do’s and Don’ts for your daily activities and the removal of dressings:

Daily Activities

  • DO walk as much as possible right after the procedure. You are advised to walk a minimum of THREE times a day for at least TWENTY minutes over the first THREE days. From day four through seven, you are advised to increase the frequency of your daily walk from THREE times to FOUR times.
  • DO NOT attempt vigorous exercise such as running, jumping, high impact aerobics or lifting of weight greater than 30 pounds for TEN to SIXTEEN days. You may use a treadmill, stair climber or a stationary bike; however, avoid putting any resistance on the equipment.
  • DO NOT SIT or STAND for too long without wearing your compression stockings. If you are taking long haul flights, wear your compression stockings and DO ankle flexes to work on the calf muscles and assist in blood return (venous circulation) in your legs.

Removal of Bandages and Stockings

    • You can remove your outer bandage AFTER 24 HOURS. Keep your compression stockings on.
    • You can pull down your compressions stockings and remove the dressing/s AFTER 48 HOURS. Thereafter you may remove your compression stockings to shower and sleep each night, however, the stockings must be worn back immediately for the rest of the day. You may opt to leave your compression stockings on while showering or sleeping if you experience difficulty re-applying them.
    • DO WEAR YOUR STOCKINGS FOR A TOTAL OF 7 DAYS (From the day of surgery)
      • If you choose to remove your compression stockings during shower or sleep, you can get another person to help you.
      • If you choose to shower with your compression stockings on, you can use a trash bag and secure it with tapes. In the event when your stockings get wet, you may use a hairdryer to dry them.
      • You can consider wearing a pair of rubber gloves while applying your stockings. Rubber gloves help provide a better grip and prevent “runs” and tears on your compression stockings.
      • You can continue wearing your compression stockings after 7 days. You are encouraged to wear the compression stockings regularly if you are in a profession that requires you to stand or sit for long periods of time. Compression stockings will be able to provide support for your leg and help reduce discomfort.

To be Continued…

by Lorinda

February 13, 2012

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