Treatment of varicose veins: A study of patient preferences


Phlebology. 2010;25(2):54-65. Shepherd AC, Gohel MS, Lim CS, Hamish M, Davies AH. Imperial Vascular Unit, Imperial College, London, UK.

This study investigates factors that are considered important by patients when they are contemplating treatment. A total 110 patients were asked to answer questions relating to their symptoms, different modalities of treatment and their knowledge of available treatments

The conclusions reveal a few interesting observations

  • 75% of respondents felt the symptoms were moderate or severe
  • Majority of patients knew about stripping surgery but only 51% were aware of Endovenous Treatment modality and even less (22%) for foam sclerotherapy
  • 72% felt inadequately informed to express a preference regarding treatment type prior to their consultation, although 23% expressed a preference for endovenous treatment
  • 80% stated that the opinion of their vascular surgeon would be likely to or definitely influence their treatment decision and the majority of patients stated that what they had read in magazines would have no influence on their decision regarding treatment, read more

Despite the fact that Endovenous Laser Treatment has been around for almost 10 years now, a lot of patients are still unaware of this option. Many patients are still holding back from treatment because they think that the only treatment available is the invasive surgical stripping. And when told about the EVLT option, they often expressed surprise but glad, and their willingness to undergo treatment receive an immediate boost.

May 7, 2010

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