Tips on preventing Varicose Veins

For those who are prone due to genetic predisposition, I don’t think varicose veins can be prevented totally. However, by following a few simple tips, we can delay or slow down the onset as well as its progressions.

  1. Don’t stand or sit for prolonged period of time. If you are sitting for a long time, try to get up and walk for 5 minutes after half an hour interval. If you are standing, then do regular tip toe movements to pump your calf muscles. These actions will reduce the pooling of blood in calf veins and therefore reducing the stress and damage to your valves.
  2. Wear support stocking in situations where the veins are under a lot of tensions
    1. During pregnancies
    2. If your work requires you to sit or stand for prolonged period of time
    3. When taking long haul flights. This is especially so if you are sitting in the economy class where the cramp environment prevents you from moving your calf muscles.
    4. If you already suffer from varicose veins or spider veins, support stocking not only relieve aches and pain in the leg, it also reduce the stress on the good veins and thus preventing new varicose veins from forming
  3. Try not to cross your leg when sitting. This is a controversial area and not every doctors believe that this action has any role in the formation of varicose veins. My personal view is that crossing the legs do impede the venous blood return and therefore may add additional stress on your veins. It is not scientifically proven, but hey, what do you loose by not crossing your legs.
  4. Don’t wear heels that are more than 3-4 cm high.
  5. Avoid tight clothing which is tight and constrictive on the upper legs.
  6. Exercise regularly. This will reduce pooling of blood in the calf.
May 12, 2010