Guide to EVLT / Endovenous Laser Treatment

Your complete guide to EVLT/ EndoVenous Laser Treatment procedures! Part II

Part 2 starts on the day of surgery, if you have missed out on part one of the guide, click here: How to prepare for Endovenous Laser Treatment

Day of Procedure

You are required to be at The Vein Clinic an hour before your scheduled EndoVenous Laser Treatment so that Dr John Tan can do some marking on your legs to locate the varicose veins as well as to go through the treatment consents with you.


  • You will first be directed to the ultrasound room where you will be seated on the treatment couch with your legs rested on the footstool. (In the exact same fashion you did for the ultrasound scan) Dr John Tan will use a device called the “Veinlite” to locate your bulging varicose veins, in which he will be treating with Needle Avulsion (also known as Needle Phlebectomy). Your veins will become more prominent when you are standing or sitting and less visible when you’re lying down because of the effect of gravity, hence it is important to mark out the varicose veins before surgery so that Dr John Tan can locate them and effectively administer the treatment during surgery.
  • After marking your bulging varicose veins, Dr John Tan will move on to mark the deeper varicose vein/s that are to be treated with Endovenous Laser. Dr John Tan will use the ultrasound machine to locate the “leaking veins” and in the same fashion, mark the varicose vein/s that he will be treating.


  • As part of the consent, Dr John Tan will be going through the treatment options as well as their pros and cons with you:
    • Local Anaesthetic: By injecting an anaesthetic agent into the skin layer of the leg, patients will be able to go through the surgery in a conscious state. Patients will only have to endure the initial needle pain for the anaesthetic, after the numbness takes over, they will not feel any more pain. Depending on how extensive the treatment will be, multiple injections might be needed.
    • Sedation: Patients who are afraid of needle pains can choose this option; they can sleep through the procedure instead. However, as safe as sedation can be, it adds risks to the procedure. Such risks include allergic reactions to the sedative medication and in very rare cases, respiratory depression – which is more common with patients who are more advanced in age. To prevent the occurrence of respiratory depression, your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing will be constantly monitored throughout the surgery.

Dr John Tan will be going through the Endovenous Laser Treatment and sedation consent in further detail with you.

After you have given your consent, your blood pressure and pulse rate will be taken. If you do not have a pair of compression stockings, the vein clinic will be measuring a pair for you. You will be briefed about post-treatment care and undergo financial counselling and billing before the procedure begins.

To be continued…

by Lorinda

January 19, 2012

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