Can I choose not to treat my veins?

It is not certain if one’s condition would progress all the way to the last stage, however you have a choice whether or not to get your spider veins or varicose veins treated.

There’s no way to say for sure how your veins will turn out, however, the following factors may determine if you are at risk:

1) Genetics
2) Lifestyle

Your family’s medical history has a part to determine if you could have possibly inherited a weaker set of veins. That’s one factor. The next is the impact of your past and current lifestyle on your veins.

Any form of standing or sitting for more than an hour spells stagnancy for the blood flow in your veins. This stagnancy is capable of causing stress to your veins. When veins are stressed, they tend to stretch; this is quite similar to how rubber bands would stretch under stress and pressure. The thing is, when your veins stretch, the valves don’t; eventually, the veins will become so big that the valves would fail to close properly and blood will start back-flowing.

You may have a history of spider veins or varicose veins problems in your family line, but that’s just one part of the total contribution factors. If you maintain a vein-friendly lifestyle, chances are, your veins are able to last much longer compared to another person without a history but frequently stresses his veins out by standing and sitting for long hours.

Seeing a vein doctor could provide you with more options in maintaining healthy veins. You don’t have to see a vein doctor only when your spider veins or varicose veins condition progressed to an alarming stage. In fact, if you suspect that you might be at risk, you could seek advice early and save yourself on the treatment fees.

Compression stockings and vein supplements are available upon doctor’s prescription; these can help to slow down the progression of your vein problems. With proper care and “maintenance” of your spider veins or varicose veins, they are able to last longer.

Prevention is also a cure. In fact for some instances, it is better than cure; for it is better to keep your veins healthy rather than to treat it when it turns bad.

At The Vein Clinic, Dr. John Tan conducts clinical examination and Doppler ultrasound scans for vein problems. If you suspect that you are in risk of spider veins or varicose veins problems, you can always come to The Vein Clinic and arrange for a consultation session with him. With more than 10 years of medical experience in this expertise, he would be able to recommend options best suited for your condition.

by Lorinda

August 26, 2012