Dr. John Tan

General & Vascular Surgeon
M.B.B.S.(Sing), M.Med.(Surg), F.R.C.S.(Ed), F.A.M.S.(Gen. Surg.)

Dr. John Tan is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon in THE VEIN CLINIC in Paragon. He received his medical degree from NUS Medical School (1987) and obtained his postgraduate degree from the Fellowship of the Royal College of Edinburg (1991). After a satisfying career in General Surgery, Dr. Tan began to pursue his interest in Vein and Arterial Surgery and in 1996 he went for specialized training under Prof Peter Bell of the Royal Leicester Infirmary.

Dr. John Tan was the past Vice President of the Vascular Surgery Society of Singapore and the past Chief of Vascular Surgery and Director of Vascular Lab in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. He is currently a Member of the American College of Phlebology and a Visiting consultant to numerous hospitals.

Dr. Tan is well known in the region as an expert in the treatment of Varicose Veins. He is among the first few doctors to start offering Endovenous Laser Treatment of varicose vein in the South East Asia. He has been invited to numerous International Meetings to share his experience in treatment of varicose veins. Dr. Tan has also been actively involved in teaching and training doctors in Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines in the use of Endovenous Laser procedure.

Dr. Tan is fluent in English, Mandarin, Indonesian and Hokkien.


Our Clinic

Curriculum Vitae

  • MBBS, National University of Singapore
  • MMed (Surg), National University of Singapore
  • FRCS (Edin), University of Edinburgh
  • Fellow, Academy of Medicine Singapore (General Surgery)
  • HMDP Fellowship, Vascular Surgery, Leicester Royal Free Hospital, United Kingdom
  • Member, American College of Phlebology

Past and Present Appointments in Singapore

  • Surgeon and Founding Member, MD-Specialist Healthcare, Present
  • Surgeon, The Vein Clinic, Pacific Healthcare, Present
  • Surgeon, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Present
  • Surgeon, Gleneagles Hospital, Present
  • Surgeon Mount Alvernia Hospital, Present
  • Surgeon, Eastshore Hospital, Present
  • Surgeon, Raffles Hospital, Present
  • Head, Vascular Surgery Section, General Surgery, Tan Tock Seng Hospital,1998-1999
  • Director, Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, 1998-2000
  • Clinical Lecturer, National University of Singapore, 1997-2000
  • Visiting Surgeon, National University Hospital 1997-2000
  • Visiting Surgeon, Singapore General Hospital, 2003
  • Regional Proctor, Medtronic Endovascular Stents, Present
  • Vice President, Vascular Surgical Society, Singapore, 2002-2004
  • Committee Member, Vascular Surgical Society Singapore, 2005
  • Member, American College of Phlebology
  • Member of Medical Board, Mount Alvernia Hospital, 2002-2003
  • Member of Therapeutic Committee, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, 2003
  • Member of Tissue Audit Committee, Mount Elizabeth Hospital 2005
  • Registrar, General Surgery Department, Tan Tock Seng Hospital 1991-1996
  • Fellow, Vascular Surgery, Leicester Royal Infirmary, 1996-1997
  • Senior Registrar, General Surgery, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, 1998-1999
  • Reviewer, Asian Cardiothoracic and Thoracic Annals, 1999-2000

Teaching / Research and Publication

  • Lecturer, Hot Topics in Phlebology, Langkawi :Subfascila Endoscopic Perforator Surgery (1998)
  • Lecturer, Symposium on Atherothrombosis, Kuching, Malaysia: Peripheral Vascular Disease (1999)
  • Lecturer, Venous Symposium, Yangon, Myanmar: Chronic Venous Insufficieny, Early Detection and Mx (1999)
  • Lecturer, Venous Symposium, Mandalay, Myanmar: Chronic Venous Insufficiency (1999)
  • Lecturer, Annual General Meeting College of Surgeons Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur : Subfascial Endoscopic Perforator Surgery (2000)
  • Lecturer, Annual General Meeting College of Surgeons Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy for Hyperhidrosis (2000)
  • Drainage of Intraabdominal Abscesses IX Asian Pacific Congress of Gastroenterology, VI Asian Pacific Congress of Digestive endoscopy, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Perforated Leiomyosarcoma of Meckel’s Diverticulum, Singapore Medical Journal
  • Smooth Muscle Tumours Of The Stomach, Singapore Medical Journal
  • Principal Investigator – A Study of DVT Incidence in Medium High Surgical Patients in Singapore
  • Investigator – A Study of PVD Incidence in Stroke Patients
  • Rupture Aneurysms – Personal Series
  • Pseudoaneurysm of Carotid Artery – Case Reports and Surgical Techniques
  • Laproscopic Treatment of Benign Hepatic Cyst